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Neurofeedback (NFB) is a noninvasive and holistic procedure that specifically targets areas of the brain that are misfunctioning by rebuilding neural pathways. Neurofeedback helps reduce symptoms that were once interfering in an individual's daily life, such as anxiety, ADHD, and depression, allowing them to live a more satisfied life in a shorter amount of time.  

What can NFB treat?




Traumatic Brain Injury




Enhance physical/mental performance


What is the Procedure? 
The first step is completing a quantitative EEG (qEEG), or Brain Mapping, in order to have a better understanding of how the brain is functioning and what areas may be over or under performing. EEG's allow us to create an individualized treatment plan and protocols, as no two brains are the same. From there the tailored protocols are utilized to perform Neurofeedback. The industry standard is a minimum of 40 sessions, with at least 2 sessions per week.  Sessions can vary from 35 minutes to 70 minutes. After every 20 sessions we will complete another qEEG to see areas of improvement within the brain, although you should begin to notice a difference after 10 sessions. A typical session involves the individual watching a show on Netflix or listening to music, while electrodes that are placed on the head (no worries, it doesn't hurt) actively measure and train the brain waves. When the brain waves are within the frequency we desire, you can see and hear Netflix. When the brain waves are not within the desired frequency, the screen and audio will dim. The brain will learn to stay within the frequency zone needed to produce visual and auditory stimulation, and ultimately healing. This method is what we call operant conditioning and is very similar to the way we train our dogs to sit and then give them a reward. 

Neurofeedback sessions are $110 each, with 2 sessions needed per week. 

Chelsea McDonald has additional course work completed in Neurofeedback and Neuroanatomy 


"Psychotherapy never cleared my 'brain fog' and mental health woes. So I tried Neurofeedback"


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