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Chelsea McDonald, MA, LPC

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Chelsea is trained in EMDR (Certified), Brainspotting, Ego State Work (Parts Work), DBT, Mindfulness, and is a Reiki

Know that here you don't have to have your sh*t together or all the wandering ducks in a row. Collaboratively, we will aim to free you from your internal battles of mistrust, self-doubt, and intense worry, so you can see the rich colors of life and feel at home within yourself.  No more hustling or needing to prove yourself. No more time spent entertaining self-defeating thoughts or abandoning your needs  for others.  Instead, rest in the belief that you, in this moment, are enough. 

Together we will heal the trauma residue so that you can set aside the heavy armor you've been wearing. The armor that once served you, but is now exhausting to carry and is disconnecting you from the world around you. Instead, I will help you develop the greatest superpower, to wholeheartedly love and trust yourself. I know it's different and not your usual pattern, but if you're willing to lean in to the commitment, I'll be right there to support and guide you along the way. 

Many of my clients are those who intimately know pain and suffering and therefore strive to protect others from feeling the same.  They are loyal, compassionate and fiercely supportive- your ride or die type of friend. They wear their heart on their sleeve and deeply feel their emotions, even when they don't want to. While these gifts are their strengths, they can also lead to feeling misunderstood, dismissed, and taken advantage of. Despite their best efforts and intense hustle, they struggle with self-doubt, and feel they continuously come up short. They are exhausted. Internally they are suffering. Yet they still hold a fire within and a deeper inner knowing that there is something more than this. A bold curiosity. This fire allows them to burn patterns that no longer serve them so they can build the most beautiful, truest life they can imagine. In the words of Glennon Doyle, "We can do hard things". 

As a therapist and Reiki Master, I combine the healing powers of eastern and western philosophies to deepen therapeutic healing and create an empowering experience. I utilize modalities such as EMDR (certified), Brainspotting, Ego State Work (Parts Work), and mindfulness to assist in alleviating symptoms. If a client desires, I can add in Reiki and sound healing to accompany and expand the therapeutic work.
My specialty areas are trauma/C-PTSD, specifically adult victims of childhood abuse, dissociation, disordered eating, chronic pain and illness, young professionals, and healers (i.e. therapists, doctors, and nurses). I practice from a psychodynamic perspective that includes looking at our attachment and relationship connections, our belief systems (ex: "I'm not good enough") formed from our upbringing, the internal stories we carry with us, and micronutrients, as they all can shape our mental health.

I earned by Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of Texas at Tyler. In my near 10 years as an LPC, I've served as a child/adolescent therapist in schools, worked at a residential treatment center for adolescent victims of sex trafficking, was a clinical director for a mental health agency and have been in private practice for the past six years. I provide psychoeducational classes on the impact of trauma, as well as consult with businesses on integrating trauma informed care. I was also a part of PAIMI (Protection and Advocacy for Individuals with Mental Illness) Advisory Council through Disability Rights Texas for six years. 

I am currently accepting new clients Monday-Friday, 12 p.m.. to 6 p.m both in person and via telehealth. Psychotherapy is $170 a session.

If I could could accept reviews,they'd sound like:
She's not a regular therapist, 
she's a cool therapist

Mrs. George

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