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Ego State Therapy

 Ego State Therapy is a therapeutic modality that holds the perspective that we are all composed of ego states, or parts of self, rather than one homogenous whole. We all have parts, including myself.  These parts can reflect emotional states, identities, different timeframes of our lives, and/or  adaptive behaviors. If you've ever said, "Part of me wants to do this and part of me wants to do that", then you were referencing various ego states/parts without even knowing it. 


Below are humorous examples of Ego State Work

Heightened Stress
Low self-esteem
People Pleasing

Difficult Memories
Self-image/eating disorders

Ego State Work Can Treat:

In this modality, the therapist guides the client in identifying their unique parts of self and the emotions, goals, strengths, weakness, and characteristics they may hold.  The therapist then begins to address concerns of the ego states, as opposed to working solely with the client as a whole.  In addressing and healing pain held by the ego states, the client as a whole beings to feel a sense of peace, harmony, deeper insight into their emotional and behavioral patterns, and as though they are back in the driver seat of the car. 

Ego State Work is commonly used in phase 2 of EMDR therapy but can also be used separately as it's own standalone approach. 

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